Community speaks August 8, 2016 – RECAP


A review* of the August 8, 2016  Community Speaks:
13+ residents attended

  • a resident asked why the front sign was for the garage sale and not the community meeting, and requested posting for future meetings
  • a concern on why the Board email reminder was sent late at night
  • Turney Road construction was discussed
  • a resident was concerned about the management company survey and make up of the search committee
  • many residents stated their approval of the committee and board for taking bids seriously and responsibly
  • a resident requested an update on the paving of the city streets in Mill Creek as well as tree lawn trees
  • a compliment about the landscapers complying with a town house resident’s specific request
  • a request was made to clean the entrance and sweep the streets from Turney Road construction
  • positive feedback was given for Hastings Waterworks from pool users. Separate storage for pool toys and an official pool committee was requested
  • Councilman Zack Reed had previously mentioned city cameras for Mill Creek. The status of this project was discussed

*Review is a summary of neighbor concerns – this blog and its posts are independent of the HOA’s Board.

MC in bloom contest


Mill Creek is blooming!.. Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 MC in bloom flowers and garden contest.

Mill Creek children judged homes throughout the neighborhood in seven categories: Best porch, hanging/potted plants, yard decorations, cottage style, townhome, most manicured and most colorful (hosting groups and board members exempt).

Take a look and see if you or your neighbors won. Thank you to everyone for making Mill Creek beautiful! Hosted by Mill Creek neighbors + Mill Creek Gardening Club.

porch manicured hanging decorations cottagestyle colorfultownhome

Community speaks June 13, 2016 – RECAP


A review* of the June 13, 2016  Community Speaks:
26+ residents attended

  • a moment of silence was observed for victims and families in Orlando
  • the board introduced themselves and provided their addresses
  • the board mentioned an addition left off from recent minutes
  • a resident asked a procedural question about past minutes, agenda items, ongoing issues and how they are reported
  • a resident stated that Mill Creek residents have been seen illegally driving south on Turney to enter the development
  • MC Garden Club requested free use of the community center for upcoming events for the neighborhood
  • a resident noted the city recycling truck did not visit an entire street and asked for assistance
  • a resident requested board members to attend free seminars from the association’s attorneys
  • Positive feedback for Hastings Waterworks from a pool user
  • the resident that is leading the WhatsApp texing group introduced himself and the project
  • a resident requested the board to cease mailing arrears to homeowners

*Review is a summary of neighbor concerns – this blog and its posts are independent of the HOA’s Board.

Mill Creek safety meeting RECAP

Highlights of the the May 24, 2016 Mill Creek safety meeting
Mill Creek Community Center 7-8:30 pm – 30+ attended

  • SVD Safety Organizer, Jim Oryl discussed crimes in Mill Creek and invited residents to share what they know.
  • Cleveland Police Sgt. Mike Lawrence and Officer Tim Riley offered suggestions on preventing crimes of opportunity in the neighborhood. Click on the Residential Security Checklist securitychecklistMC for your home. You can also call 216-623-5080 and an officer will come to your home to help secure your residence.
  • Deputy Sheriff Bill Jenenic and Rich McIntosh from Crime Stoppers discussed the program and how reports to them are anonymous. To call in a tip, call 216-25CRIME.
  • Cleveland Metroparks Lt Don Sylvis talked about the area they patrol around Mill Creek and collected residents’ concerns. The biggest crime in the park is smash and grab in parked cars. Please call 440-333-5530 to contact the park district.
  • Councilman Zack Reed recommended a safety inventory of the Mill Creek trail with SVD Safety Organizer and Cleveland Metroparks. He stressed residents must make police reports on everything to support the police in Mill Creek. If you see something, say something. He also mentioned home alarms and that city council is addressing this issue. Councilman Reed encouraged residents to join the Mill Creek Cleveland Facebook Group.
  • Please contact Councilman Reed at 216-664-4945 with any concerns, including safety and road construction issues.

Community speaks May 9, 2016 – RECAP


A review* of the May 9, 2016  Community Speaks:
17+ residents attended

  • a resident asked for the board email contact
  • a suggestion was made to postpone the board’s May 15 walk-through until after Memorial Day to allow neighbors more time for yard work
  • the board was asked to address serious issues first, including safety
  • the status of the front entrance was discussed
  • a resident asked when the missing tree lawn trees will be replaced
  • the board introduced themselves and provided their addresses
  • residents stated the previous board’s pool rules are unneighborly, especially that tables and chairs can not be moved and that residents can not have contact with the lifeguards
  • residents stated that the current pool rules passed by the previous board should be revisited. Two rules in particular were mentioned as they are not neigbhorly – the umbrella tables and chairs may not be moved and no conversations with the lifeguards.

*Review is a summary of neighbor concerns – this blog and its posts are independent of the HOA’s Board.

Mill Creek Falls Community meeting RECAP

Highlights of the the April 21, 2016 Mill Creek Falls Community Meeting
Mill Creek Community Center 6-8:30 pm – 50+ attended, including many Mill Creek residents

  • SVD Executive Director, Chris Alvarado discussed events including Rooms to Let (May 21 & 22) and Village Market (Mondays 4-7pm, June – August). The new family park at Tioga and Warner will begin constructions this summer. And the community garden at corner of Maryland and Laumar has available lots for residents of the neighborhood. Volunteers are needed for help. Contact Chris Alvarado with any questions with SVD at 216-429-1182 ext. 128 or
  • Councilman Zack Reed discussed the Turney Road water line replacement project starting May 1 – Nov 1, 2016. Call 664-2639 with any questions about water or Andrew Krawczyk (Division of Water) or
  • Cleveland Police Fourth District Commander, Brandon Kutz answered questions about safety in the neighborhood. He also discussed three new traffic officers in the area, the RNC and it’s impact and asked for residents to be vocal to the police. The police will continue their presence in Mill Creek and need help from all residents. Response times from the police was also discussed. Please contact the Commander’s office at 216-623-5405 with any concerns or click here for 4th district numbers
  • Councilman Zack Reed also discussed news on bike lanes, improvements of the Mill Creek Falls with the Cleveland Metroparks, renovating homes in the area and demolishing homes not worth saving, city cameras and missing Mill Creek tree lawn trees will be replaced in the next two months. He asked for volunteers at the Warner Girls’ Leadership Academy and for Mill Creek participants at the new park and community garden. He also invited residents to the State of the Ward address Tuesday, April 26 6-9pm at Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church.
  • Please contact Councilman Reed at 216-664-4945 with any concerns, including safety and road construction issues.

Community speaks April 11, 2016 – RECAP


A review* of the April 11, 2016  Community Speaks:
17+ residents attended

  • the board introduced themselves and asked for volunteers for the architectural review committee
  • questions concerning March’s election were asked, including availability of the bi-laws to homeowners
  • issues such as missing city trees on tree lawns and muddy grass were discussed
  • comments about police response times to home security alarms
  • the status of the front entrance was asked
  • a resident requested if private security could be considered for the community

*Review is a summary of neighbor concerns – this blog and its posts are independent of the HOA’s Board.

Mill Creek community meeting – Turney Road 4-21-16

Comm Mtg Mill Creek 4-21-16 flyerNEWTurney Road construction project
Thursday, April 21 @ 6pm
MC community center

For more info: call Councilman Zack Reed’s office 216-641-4945

Annual meeting 3/7 RECAP

A review* of the March 7, 2016 HOA meeting. Due to the annual election meeting, there was no formal community speaks for residents. This was the first open meeting since September, 2015. Below is the overview of the meeting, including concerns and questions raised by residents. 55+ residents attended

  • the board cited their accomplishments of the year, including a list of major expenditures
  • the budget was presented by the management company
  • the HOA fee increase was presented
  • activities committee provided updates
  • four board openings were available –  two current were up for re-election and five other candidates offered to run
  • questions by homeowners included the status of the accident at the front entrance and extensive conversation about why the board did not refund community center rental deposit from last summer.

*Review is a summary of neighbor concerns – this blog and its posts are independent of the HOA’s Board.

CityMusic Cleveland


CityMusic Cleveland Chamber Orchestra upcoming concert series:
March 16 – March 20, 2016.
No tickets required. Free concerts.

Saturday, March 19,
8:00 pm
Shrine Church of St. Stanislaus,
3649 E. 65th Street, Cleveland, OH

Bring your family & friends for a great evening of superb music making.
CONDUCTOR: Joaquin Valdepenas
SOLOIST: Jeanine De Bique, soprano

No tickets required, please see the CityMusic Cleveland site for details on all venues.